Global Cardio Oncology Summit 2023

GCOS Young Investigators award Session

Three of the YIA abstracts will be selected for presentation in a dedicated session (See the programme: the session presenters will be graded under the following categories: originality, scientific content, presentation, answers to questions. Presenters whose abstract is selected for presentation in the award session will receive specific instructions at the time of the results announcement (May 10th)

Results of the competition will be announced during the ICOS networking event on September 28th. Each finalist will receive an Award certificate and a prize.

We will invite the three GCOS Young Investigator Award winners to submit their work as a research letter for potential simultaneous publication at JACC Cardio-Oncology

The deadline will be June 15, 2023.  There is no guarantee of acceptance as these research letters will undergo the standard peer review process. Author instructions can be found here: