Global Cardio Oncology Summit 2023

Faculty Guidelines

Chairperson guidelines

  • Chairpersons should ensure the smooth progress of the session, time management as well as encourages discussions and interactions between faculty members and the audience.
  • Moderators should liaise with speakers and discussants to organise the discussion at the end of the session and ensure that all speakers declare their conflicts of interest and adhere strictly to the time allotted.
  • As the meeting is streamed, it is not possible to extend the duration of the sessions, so if the talks are extended, it will be necessary to skip the discussion altogether, even if specific discussant roles have been included in the session.

Discussant guidelines

  • Discussants must be available for the duration of the session and should challenge the presenters and stimulate discussion. Presenters are asked to send their slides to the discussants in advance. 

Speaker guidelines

  • For optimal rendering your presentation must be prepared in PowerPoint version (type .pptx) and 16:9 format and we strongly recommend that you use the GCOS 2023 slide template.
  • Please include one slide with your disclosures
  • We kindly ask you to share your presentation with the chairpersons, discussants and other speakers involved in your session (or at least the topics you are going to discuss, to avoid overlapping with other presentations)
  • Please check your allotted time and ensure that your presentation is on time. One minute after your time has elapsed, the microphone will be switched off to allow the next speaker to take the floor.
  • Personal laptop computers cannot be connected in lecture rooms.
  • Presentations must be uploaded at the speaker corner in the venue at least 2 hours before your session. Alternatively you can send your presentation to Raquel Gámez ( by September 26, 2023