Global Cardio Oncology Summit 2023

ICOS Champions League

What is the ICOS Champions League

The IC-OS Champions League is an international competition open for health care professionals involved in the clinical care of patients with cancer.
The competition is based on the periodic publication on the congress website ( of different cardio-oncology MCQs and clinical cases.
The participants will obtain the score through the answers marked on the online form. A three-member team may register until May 5, 2023. Once a team is named and begins the game, members cannot change to a different team.
First edition of the IC-OS Champions League
  • Regular phase May 2023
  • Semi-final June 2023
  • The final match between the semi-final team winners and the award ceremony will take place in Madrid during GCOS23 on Sept 29,2023
If you have any specific questions, please contact us:
Thank you very much for your participation. We will wait for you!

How to participate in the League

The team will consist of three participants that includes at least one oncologist or hematologist and 1 cardiologist. The team captain must be under the age of 40. More than one team per institution is allowed.
Register your team here: by March 31, 2023 using an email that is not going to be used by team members for personal access to the platform.
Please send us a picture of your team for the website (
All participants will be granted with a 30% discount on the congress fee. The organization will cover 3 registration fees for the members of the 2 semi-final team winners.


Participants will be able to answer the questionnaire only once and only one access per team is allowed.

The updated calendar with the dates and times of publication of the different MCQs will come soon.

The access to MCQs for each round should be granted to your team on the selected day and scoring will be based on the number of correct answers and elapsed time to answer submission (i.e. points are inversely proportional to length of time from start of round to answer submission).

To progress beyond the Qualifying Round, each team will be required to submit one multiple choice question submitted to
(Please review the document: Tips for Good Question Writing).

Entry Fee and Prize

There is no cost to enter. The  ICOS Champions League finalists will be granted with a free registration for GCOS2023


Regular Phase (qualifying rounds) May 18th, May 25th, June 1st
Semi-final: Zoom meeting ( the best 4 teams will be invited to participate) June 8, 2023 - 18:00 CET